Paige’s Entry

Though leaving our host families was really sad, it has been nice to travel around and see Germany with the other GAPP kids. We shopped around Bamberg for a day, and we got the opportunity to see a few churches and an art museum while there. Then we went to Kronach, where our youth hostel was a former castle. Since Kronach is our sister city, the GAPP group met with the Kronach mayor for a little while. Now we are in Berlin. We’ve seen the Brandenburg gate, Alexanderplatz, a few museums, a concentration camp, and of course, we’ve spent plenty of time shopping, and even found some time to do group face masks. Enjoy the pictures.(:







Pictures from the Saarschleife, a 3.5 million year old natural phenomenon. Looks like the Horseshoe Bend in California.





Tobey’s Blog Entry

Our time here in Germany, although a bit tiring, has been really fun and exciting. There has been a lot to do here, including traveling to different cities in the area or just exploring the towns in which we live. What was strange a couple of weeks ago in terms of German life and culture, has quickly become normal life. Some of my favorite places I have visited include the shopping in Saarbrucken, a fun trip to Europa Park, and the Black Forest in southern Germany. We are now upon the final days of life with our host families, and are beginning to prepare for our departure to Bamberg in only a couple of days. I am definitely excited to visit Berlin and look forward to the rest of our time here in Germany. Below are photos of some of the places I have visited.