Katie’s Entry

My visit to Germany has been good so far! We’ve done a lot, and I’m seeing lots of things in Germany and also on our trip to Bitche, France. The first day we were here we watched the big soccer game with Duncan and Chiara. My host family along with Diana’s host family visited Bitche on Sunday, and saw some fantastic views and a little show that was in French. We also watched a big bike race that was in Anna’s village, Reinheim. There were even some American bikers, and it was really neat to see the whole village come together to watch the race. My first few days of school have been interesting, since I can only understand the English lesson and some of the math. Anna and her friends and family here have been great with helping me feel comfortable. I’m excited to go to Mainz tomorrow with all the GAPPers, and for the next few weeks in Germany!







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